Our Syllabus

Pre-Montessori (2 & 3 y/o)

The Pre-Montessori programme at Knowledge Tree is offered to children ages two to three. Children are exposed to lessons including culture studies, phonics, alphabet & number recognition, drawing & colouring, art & craft, rhymes & singing, as well as an introduction to Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia.

As part of the additional curriculum, children can also explore their passion in Music & Movement by Gloria Music and Speech & Drama with teachers from Pyjama Drama.

Our Pre-Montessori programme promotes your child's cognitive, speech, language, and fine motor skills in a nurturing and healthy environment.

Level 1 (4 y/o)

Knowledge Tree’s Level 1 Montessori programme is designed for children aged four. Each lesson presents your child with skill-level-appropriate challenges. Lessons such as reading simple sentences, writing, counting numbers, storytelling, mindful lessons, and learning writing strokes in Mandarin and forming simple sentences in Bahasa Malaysia help to strengthen their foundation in these areas.

The additional curriculum, which includes Music & Movement by Gloria Music and Speech & Drama by Pyjama Drama is designed to ignite your child’s interest in these fun and exciting programmes.

Level 2 (5 y/o)

At the age of five, your child is learning to express their emotions and enjoys interacting and playing with others.

Knowledge Tree’s Level 2 Montessori programme is designed for your child to participate in deeper questions, develop leadership skills, and achieve developmental milestones. Lessons such as forming short sentences, learning simple addition and subtraction in Math, forming simple sentences in writing in Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia, starting conversations, role playing, and exploring Science experiments give them fulfilment.

Our additional curriculum, which consists of Music & Movement by Gloria Music and Speech & Drama by Pyjama Drama, is designed to bring out your child's creative side and get them moving in a stimulating environment.

Level 3 (6 y/o)

As your child develops and matures, he or she will be able to work toward independence while freely interacting in a happy and healthy environment, all while gaining physical and mental strength.

Prior to entering primary school, Knowledge Tree's Level 3 Montessori programme will prepare and lay the foundation for your child. Lessons in Math include volume and weight measurement, fractions, counting money, time reading, grammar, creative writing, spelling, writing in Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia, and more. These lessons will equip your child with the cognitive skills necessary for life as they continue their primary education.

The additional curriculum for children aged six includes Music & Movement by Gloria Music and Speech & Drama by Pyjama Drama as well.